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I've been a bird owner for a LONG time now, but I still remember how clueless my wife and I were when we got our first pair of cockatiels!

We DEFINITELY had more questions than answers...

What supplies and toys would we need?

What food should our birds eat?

What kind of cage would they sleep in?

What was the best way to clean up after our new bird companions?

It took us quite a while to get our hands on all the information we were looking for -- not to mention all the bird supplies we wanted to buy, from bird feeders to cages to toys.

And keeping on top of all those needs only got MORE tough when we started taking in OTHER people's birds, too!

That's right - we were soon providing a home for DOZENS of birds of all different kinds for people who could no longer take care of them. Even a few that had been orphaned, abandoned, or abused!

Somehow we found ourselves in the business of rescuing exotic birds.

And we loved every last one of them -- but they were costing us a mint!

That's when we decided that WE could become the solution to our problem!

If we could purchase all the pet bird supplies we needed in bulk, we could save money keeping up our own rescue aviary - AND pass on those savings to our fellow bird owners.

Not only that, but we could offer everything bird owners needed in ONE PLACE.

And that's how BirdBuffetNThings.com was born!

When you buy from BirdBuffetNThings.com, you can feel good knowing that 100% of the site profits are going to our "Birds, Birds and More Birds" Rescue Aviary!

We've got EVERYTHING you need to keep your bird happy and healthy - and keep your home bird-friendly, too!

Every penny you spend on YOUR bird helps even MORE birds!

Discover great deals on EVERYTHING you need to keep your birds comfortable, beautiful and safe and feel great knowing that you're helping less fortunate birds at the same time!

At BirdBuffetNThings.com, you're always welcome to share our perch!


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