Pelleted Diets

Pelleted diets are formed with mixing ground ingredients under high pressure. Extruded diets are formed with mixing pulverized ingredients, heat it to high temperatures and then various dies are used to form different shapes.

New Products For May - Pelleted Diets

Songbird Treat for Canary & Finch, 9 oz

Kaytee Songbird Treat for Canaries and ...

Tropical Treat for Canary & Finch, 10 oz

Kaytee Tropical Fruit Treat is a fortif...

Veggie & Fruit Treat for Parakeet, 9.5 oz

Kaytee Veggie & Fruit Treat for Par...

Oat Groats Treat for All Pet Birds, 11 oz

Kaytee Oat Groats Treat is a good sourc...

Molting and Conditioning for All Pet Birds

Kaytee Molting, Color & Conditionin...



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